Acknowledge the life of someone you love.

Taking the time to acknowledge the life of a person is the greatest honor you can bestow on another. But what exactly does it mean to acknowledge another person’s life?

The answer lies in the premise that we all want to be remembered. We want to have made a difference in this life. As we age to the point where we begin to contemplate our own mortality, this desire becomes more prevalent, whether talked about or not.  Few people will speak up and ask for their lives to be acknowledged.  However, my experience in creating stories of an individual’s or couple’s life experiences, whether in DVD, photo book or online slide shows always results in the same response – typically involving tears.  It is a meaningful and rewarding experience for everyone.

Acknowledging a person’s life is not rocket science. It is only matter of showing an interest in someone’ life experiences.  Typically these “life reviews” are motivated by various milestones such as 50th wedding anniversaries or memorials.  While we all can intellectually understand the value of acknowledging one’s life, the unfortunate reality is that our lives are just too hectic to find the time to do it.  As a result many people wait too long to bestow this honor even for their parents or grandparents.  Equally unfortunate, as memories fade or worse yet the parent or grandparent dies – a great opportunity for creating and preserving the family narrative slips away.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire our readers to look at their parents and grandparents as individuals who have a lifetime of experiences worthy of sharing.  We hope to inspire you to take action and engage them in conversation about their lives, capturing what you learn into a story format. We want to help you create and/or preserve your family narrative by sharing with you the techniques and tools we have developed in capturing and sharing stories of life experiences of our clients.  For those who are neither skilled writers nor particularly computer literate – we will guide you through a step by step process so you can do it on your own.  For those who want or need help we offer that as well.

I invite you to subscribe to our postings and newsletters. Each subscriber will receive free access to the first release of our story creation wizard, schedule for launch first quarter 2014.  Future postings will share examples of how others do it and challenge you to get started sooner rather than later on your own.

Remember, “Stories Left Untold are Legacies Gone Forever”.


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