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Footprint - legacy / history left behind

Story Formats: Converting Photos to Stories

Photos sequences

Photos are literally a snapshot in time, capturing just that single nanosecond.   While a photo can tell a very limited story in and of itself, sequencing photos and adding narrative convey far more information and interest about the lives of the people in the photo.  

Depending on which system you have chosen to use for hosting your photos, you have options on how to tell and share your stories both in terms of media formats and story formats. The following case studies are examples of the variety of media formats we have provided our clients using our tools.

M e d i a   a n d   S t o r y   F o r m a t   C a s e   S t u d i e s 

DVD archive

C D   F o r m a t : 

Case Study: This client had hundreds of 35mm slides that he wanted to give his sons so that each son had a complete copy of all the slides taken during their childhood without them having to have a slide projector to view them.  We scanned his slides and archived them to a CD making multiple copies for each of the children to do with as they pleased.

Gallery formatStory format - gallery

Timeline format
Story format - timeline

Movie format
Story format - movie with voice and music

Presidential context
Story format - presidential context

O n l i n e   S l i d e   S h o w s : 
our tools currently offer these 4 slide show formats

Online stories offer the greatest flexibility in creativity.  With your images scanned, uploaded and profiled - you can create unique stories with the click of a button unique to any family member for any occasion.  Online story formats include: 

  1. Gallery format: best for any situation where you want the person viewing the show to get right to those images that are of most interest to them.  Case study: Janice's art work from 1931 to 2010.

  2. Timeline format: when stories are best told chronologically, the timeline format works well. Everyone will enjoy seeing the images of themselves growing up in chronological order.  As the mouse moves horizontally the timeline scrolls to the left and right. The timeline slide show can be created with just a click of a button.  Case study: Mom and Dad from courtship through retirement spanning 70 years.

  3. Movie format: The movie format in it's simplest form is a full screen slide show of your favorite images.  Adding music or voice narrative provides a way to add dimension to the story making it more interesting and meaningful. Case study: Remodeling of a 100 year old Victorian house narrated by the owner.

  4. Presidential context format: With the click of a button, display the photos of a person's life in columns.  The column headings contain pictures of the U.S. Presidents.  Clicking on the header icon generates a slideshow of those images relating to that period of of one's life in the context of its time.  Case Study: A brief review of Ken's life spanning 12 presidents from Truman to Obama.

Story format - photo book

B o o k :   P h o t o s   o n l y

Books need not contain any text narrative at all.  

Case Study: This artist wanted a photo book that he could use as a marketing tool as he visited potential galleries showcasing all of his work.

Other possibilities: special vacations or a wedding.  high end coffee table photo books serve a dual purpose of showcasing the photos and serve as an elegant decorative accessory.

Story format - photo book

B o o k :   P h o t o s ,   l i g h t   t e x t

Case Study: After spending over 35 years in the antiques business, this client wanted a high quality coffee table photo book that represented the quality of his antique gallery and touched a little on various important or memorable aspects of his life such as his courtship and marriage, his travels, his rugby days and retirement.  Adding chapter prefaces and some image captions, added just enough context and meaning to his life making the book a more valuable legacy gift for future generations.

                    Story format - photo book

Story format - photo book

B o o k :   P h o t o s ,   h e a v y   t e x t

Case Study: This life review required more text to capture the essence of their relationship and revealed more detail about their life together.  This kind of  book works well when one wants to leave a legacy of one's life for future generation.  

Other scenarios requiring a lot of text occurs when the stories are sufficiently complicated and the number of photos available are insufficient to tell the whole story. 

                          Story format - photo book

  Story format - DVD

D V D   F o r m a t :

Case Study: We were contracted to take several audio cassette tape recordings of a grandfather relating stories about his immigration to Chicago from Sicily. Hearing his stories told in the first person in his own voice was important. Few pictures of him were available throughout his early life experiences that related to his stories.  We were able through research to find period images relating to his stories that really brought the stories to life.   

The format or formats you decide to choose depends on how you want to use your stories and in what venues. Give us a call and we will help you think through the options discussing the pros and cons of each based on your known goals and potential future use.  

Call us at 773.251.7040 or email us at inquiries@customdocumentaries.com

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