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Depending on the celebratory occasion and the story to be told, our services offer various formats to help you to bring your stories to life.  Between workshops, in-home training and turnkey solutions there is no reason not to get started right away, because stories left untold are memories gone forever.


Scanning: We can convert your paper photos, 35mm slides, 8mm film to digital format in order to preserve your family's photo collection.

CD archive: Take only a basic step for your children and grandchildren.  Rather than dividing up all your loose photos, slide carousels and photo albums between children, have all your photos scanned to CDs so that each of your offspring can have their own copy of "all" the images.  This gives them the opportunity to use their creative juices to ask the questions and create the stories when they use our online tools.  

Online stories: With your photos scanned and uploaded to our online system you can organize them in unique ways.  Create combinations of photos that when sequenced tell stories.  Choose from various slide show formats such as gallery format, timeline format, movie format and presidential context format.  The tool also includes a family tree format to show relationships and serves as a quick find screen for photos and stories on any given family member.  Add  music or voice to the movie format to add interest.  This online platform offers a lot of room for  creativity and was designed to step you through the process keeping it easy to use.  

Connect a computer to a large screen TV for family get togethers.  

DVD documentary: Use select scanned images, video from camcorders and VHS cameras plus voice narrative from interviews to tell a story about an aspect of someone's life or possibly a complete overview of that person's life.  This is the most expensive approach but has unlimited possibilities for adding creativity.  It's great for special celebratory occasions where there is a group convened in front of a large screen TV possibly at a banquet hall.  

Photo books: Select hundreds of the best or most meaningful photos and present someone with a coffee table quality photo book that serves as a summary overview of their life.  This is perfect for many elderly adults who just don't want anything to do with anything that resembles a computer.  These very high quality book options are sure to be highly valued and appreciated.   Add text narrative as chapter prefaces or image captions so that future generations have some context for a deeper understanding the story behind the pictures.  Learn more

8mm film reels to book:  Convert your 8mm film reels enhancing the images and reformatting and enhancing the poor quality reels to DVD format.  Create a photo book by capturing individual frames of the movie reel or archive them online where you can use our tools to create fun and entertaining slide shows.  


Training Workshops In-home Consultations  

We conduct workshops across the Chicagoland area at retirement communities, community centers, home owner associations etc. Workshop titles include:

  • Come Scan With Us
  • Creating Stories
  • Building a Photo Book 

Everyone's situation is different.  Some people have few photos while others have thousands.  Some have slides, others have film or vhs tapes.  Some people have organized albums other are loose and in boxes.

The best approach for you depends on the above factors plus what sort of technology or skill set is available within the family, plus what your goals and objectives are.

We can come to your home for a complimentary consultation and advise you on how to approach preserving your media collection (photos, slides, vhs tapes, film etc.) collection by digitizing.  

We also have an introductory service for $150 which includes us scanning 100 photos onsite at your home and creating a couple stories so you can see the possibilities.


Call or email us to exchange ideas about your media collection and goals and
to gain a better understanding on how to approach your project.

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