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From workshops, in home training or turnkey services, Custom Documentaries can help you create and archive your family stories in fun and entertaining ways.

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Custom Documentaries is an affiliate of www.OurBeehive.net.  We use and offer access to their sophisticated set of tools in the delivery of our products and services.

About Us: 

We believe that everyone's life should be acknowledged. In our experience, there is no more effective way to express love and appreciation for another than to summarize one's life experiences in book, dvd or online formats.

Custom Documentaries recognizes that most people lack the time and the skill set to bring life experiences to a meaningful and entertaining form.  We reach out to young and old people alike to provide the right mix of tools and training so that no one gets left out. 

It is our hope that along with the services and tools we make available more people will take the initiative to interview their parents and grandparents and record their life experiences.  Our tools make it fun and entertaining and the process helps strengthen relationships in the process.  

With a focus on capturing stories of the life experiences of the older generation a side benefit is helping the younger generation see that they are part of something bigger than themselves.  Everyone benefits from capturing stories.  The sooner you start digitizing those photos and slides and other media, the more successful you will be in preserving your family history.

Stories left untold are legacies gone forever!

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